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“我一直这样认为,首先我们应该是这样的一群人,我们是生活的体验者,趋势的发现者,需求的洞察者,思维的创新者与变化的推动者。只有这样,我们才有机会成为卓越品牌的创造者” 。-2003,PAUL FANG ,THE FOUNDER

"I always think that, first of all we should be such a group of people, we are the experiencer of life, the discoverer of trend, the insighter of need, the innovator of thinking and the promoter of change. Only by this way have we the opportunity to become the creator of excellent brands. " -2003, PAUL FANG, THE FOUNDER

迅驰时尚(股票代码:839318)是一家专注于时尚与娱乐产业的品牌管理公司。主要业务包括时尚品牌管理、超级IP整合(SUPER IP+)、娱乐营销及名人品牌孵化管理。在泛娱乐与消费升级的大背景下,公司致力于构建以“时尚品牌管理+超级IP整合(SUPER IP+)”为内核,通过连接数以千计的时尚生活类企业,打造融合娱乐、艺术与时尚生活等要素为一体的的全新消费场景与消费模式,助力中国消费升级与品牌创新。

Suntchi Fashion (Shanghai) Brand & Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Suntchi; stock code: 839318) is a brand management company focusing on the fashion and entertainment industry. The main business includes fashion brand management, super IP integration (SUPER IP +), entertainment marketing and talent brand management. In the context of excessive entertainment and consumer upgrades, the company is committed to building a "fashion brand management + Super IP integration (SUPER IP +)" as the core, connecting thousands of fashion & lifestyle companies, to create the new consumer scenarios and consumption patterns combining entertainment, art, fashion life and other elements, helping China's consumer upgrades and brand innovation.

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Suntchi Consultancy


All our origin comes from love.
The love of this industry.


遵循着“独特体验,独有价值”这一经营理念,通过我们原创的FBS(Fashion Branding Solutions)时尚品牌管理工具“,以及“五型体验创建品牌”为核心的品牌构筑模型,秉持“度身定制”的解决之道,十余年来我们已经为来自美国、欧洲及亚洲地区的60多个时尚品牌,包括多家大型上市集团及国际领先的标志性品牌,如如TMALL,LILANZ,FAIRWHALE JEANS,AOKANG,LUOLAI,YOLANNA,ROYAL COVER,SEPTWOLVES,BOSIDENG,METERSBONWE,ME&CITY,TOPSPORTS,SKECHERS,FABI,MARC O’POLO等提供了涵盖整个价值链的服务:从品牌审计、顶层设计(战略与商业模式)到产品研究与创新、用户体验规划,从品牌识别与美学形象管理到时尚云营销(娱乐营销、体育营销、跨界营销、数字营销)、时尚意见领袖(KOL、大V)合作、零售终端体验提升等。

Our story can be traced back to 2003, when the founder of Suntchi took a trip to Tokyo, where the concept of "China's best fashion brand management company" was born. In 2003, the predecessor of Suntchi was officially founded; it is reorganized in 2008 and Suntchi was born; Suntchi launched the strategy of “Fashion+” in 2015; in September 22, 2016, Suntchi was officially listed on the NEEQ of China. Our long-term goal is to become "a global fashion entertainment platform."

We adhere to the business philosophy of "unique experience & special value" and the custom-made solutions, through our original FBS(Fashion Branding Solutions)and the brand building model with five types of experience as the core brand. In the past ten years we have served more than 60 fashion brands from the United States, Europe and Asia, including a number of large listed groups and international leading brands, such as TMALL, LILANZ, FAIRWHALE JEANS, AOKANG, LUOLAI, YOLANNA, ROYAL COVER, SEPTWOLVES, BOSIDENG, METERSBONWE, ME & CITY, TOPSPORTS, SKECHERS, FABI and MARC O'POLO, providing services covering the entire value chain: from brand audit and top-level design (strategy and business model) to product research & innovation and user experience planning, from brand recognition and aesthetic image management to fashion cloud marketing (entertainment marketing, sports marketing, cross-over marketing, digital marketing), collaborating with the fashion opinion leaders (KOLs) and upgrading the retail experience.

我们的合伙人与顾问团队Our partners and consultants:


All of our partners have 15-20 years of industry experience and they are experts in various fields of the fashion and entertainment industry. Our consultancy committee has over 20 consultants from different countries and different fields such as USA, Europe, Japan and China, from macro to micro, from industry to operation, from design to retail, from market to brand aesthetics, from strategy to business philosophy, the company's consultants cover the lifestyle business enterprises in all key areas to provide a more depth, professional technical and management support for the company's operations and development.

我们的全球时尚网络Our global fashion network:


Our offices are now located in Shanghai, Tokyo and New York.
We have been working in the fashion industry for many years, so we have good partners in all areas of the fashion industry. We have established long-term cooperative relationship with more than 80 famous brand companies, model companies, film & television production companies and media groups, cooperating with more than 100 international and domestic celebrities, artists, well-known fashion bloggers, Internet celebrities, etc., and we are one of the agencies which collaborate the most with world-class creative and management teams of the global fashion entertainment industry in China.

我们的时尚品牌管理方法论与工具体系Our fashion brand management methodology and tool system:

基于时尚产业品牌管理的特点,并结合中国市场的实际现状,我们在发展的过程中创建了一套完整的“迅驰时尚品牌管理方法论与工具”体系。包括:FBS时尚品牌管理系统,FBA时尚品牌审计工具,BSS时尚品牌战略规划方法论,BI & BA时尚品牌识别与品牌美学管理工具,FCM时尚云营销系统以及“五型体验创建品牌”为核心的品牌构筑模型。通过这些管理工具与方法论体系,我们可以为海内外客户全面、系统的提供全价值链解决方案,帮助他们建立可持续的、有差异化的综合竞争力。


Based on the characteristics of the fashion industry brand management, combined with the actual situation of the Chinese market, we have created a complete set of "Suntchi fashion brand management methodology and tools" system including: FBS Fashion Branding Solutions, FBA Fashion Brand Audit, BSS Brand Strategic System, BI & BA Brand Identity & Brand Aesthetics, FCM Fashion Cloud Marketing and the branding model taking "Five Style Branding" as the core. Through these management tools and methodologies, we can provide comprehensive and systematic value chain solutions for our customers at home and abroad to help them build sustainable and differentiated comprehensive competitiveness.

Our fashion brand management methodology and tools system was born due to continued sum-up and continuous iteration after years of independent property rights research and development through in-depth study of the growth path of internationally renowned fashion and lifestyle brands, combined with the actual situation of the Chinese market and application practice with significant originality and relevance.

我们的股东与投资者Our shareholders and investors:


We have an international, professional partner team. In addition, our investors also include the leading industry capital who has rich industrial operation experience, resources and strong capital strength.

2015年,在泛娱乐和消费升级的大背景下,我们在传统的品牌营销业务以外,也正式推出了“超级IP 整合”(SIP+)与名人管理的新业务。2016年,我们推出了针对时尚与娱乐产业结合的全新业务。自此,经过十余年的发展,现在的“迅驰时尚”已经从传统的品牌服务公司蜕变为中国首家定位于“时尚+娱乐”领域的服务平台。

In 2015, in the context of excessive entertainment and consumer upgrades, we have officially launched the new business: "Super IP Integration" (SIP+) and talent brand management. In 2016, we launched another new business for the fashion and entertainment industry. Since then, after more than ten years of development, Suntchi has transformed from the traditional brand services company to China's first service platform positioning in "fashion + entertainment".